Wedding Caterer in Las Vegas

Tips for hiring catering for your Las Vegas wedding

All the little details for your wedding are coming together: you’ve got the ring, the date, and hopefully the venue picked out, too. Now it’s time for the hard stuff, like picking the caterer. With these tips, and a little help from a wedding planner, your wedding food is going to look so good.

Wedding catered at Downtown Las Vegas

Identify The Vibe Of Your Wedding

Maybe you’re going hard-core traditional, or you’re in the mood for a super contemporary wedding. Maybe your parents are involved in planning the wedding, or maybe you’re going it alone. One of the first steps before you pick a caterer is pinpointing the vibe of your wedding. Your wedding colors and venue can all dictate what you want the caterer to do.

When you have your initial meeting with the caterer, it’s not necessary to have a detailed menu all planned out. Instead, go big picture: what foods and restaurants do you like, and why?

Discuss Budget – And Sample Their Food

In your first meeting with the caterer, don’t be afraid to talk about your budget. It will help you – and the caterer – have realistic expectations for what’s possible. While the caterer will give you suggestions, remember that ultimately it’s you who’s making the decisions.

Bonus tip: sample the caterer’s food before you make an agreement with them. It’s always a good idea to know what the caterer’s skills are – and how their food tastes.

Decide On Food Presentation

Where do you want your wedding food to be at the venue? Most caterers offer several basic options: buffet, station, seated, or cocktail service. The buffet gives guests the option of creating their own plates, while the caterer will have a staff to oversee the buffet. Stations have slightly more flexibility than a buffet – you can have a vegetarian station, a pasta station, and so on. Your caterer might have a signature expertise.

A word of note on cocktail receptions: make sure to also offer enough snacks to go with the drinks to balance out the drinks.

Plan The Food

Now for the fun part: what do you want you – and your guests – to eat? Your caterer can make appetizers, cocktails, and main meals to your specifications. Less-traditional meals, like a pancake breakfast, can be much less expensive than serving steak and lobster to your guests.

There you have it. Now go have an awesome wedding!

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